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I KNOW, I CARE, IT FIGURES. There's this poem by Bob Dylan called LAST THOUGHTS ON WOODIE GUTHRIE. He wrote it as a eulogy for Mr. Guthrie. Now I'm by no means a complete Dylan fanatic. I do love Blonde on Blonde, Blood on the Tracks, Basement Tapes, blah, blah, blah. But this one poem totally slays me every time I read it. And it's long too, not one of these 10 liners. It's basically a poem about hope. You have all of these things being hurled at you, and most of these things are phony, disingenuous, and basically, of the pain causing variety. Where do you look for hope? Not an easy answer. My recommendation would be to seek this poem out. You can also listen to it on disc 3 of "The Bootleg Series".

It's not clear to me yet how all of this relates to Furniture Music. All I know is that I read some part of this poem everyday, as it hangs two feet away from where I sit all day long...maybe it infiltrates my subconscious and effects things that I don't even know. Anyway, just read the damn poem.

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